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DJI Inspire Repair $199

Are you looking to have your Inspire drone repaired? We offer fast turnaround service for repairs on the Inspire 1 and Inpsire 2 drones.

*Flat service fee, parts are addtional.

DJI Phantom Repair $99

Have a problem with your Phantom drone? We can help you get back to flying. We are an experienced in repairing DJI Phantom drones.

*Flat service fee, parts are addtional.

DJI Mavic Repair $99

Do you need help fixing your DJI Mavic drone? We will get you fixed up and back in the air. We take pride in all of our repairs.

*Flat service fee, parts are addtional.

If you are looking to get your DJI drone repaired, you have come to the right place. Our technicians have taken apart and rebuilt all Inspires, Phantoms, Mavics, and Sparks. We take pride in the work that we do to insure your experience with the repair is a pleasant one. We got into the repair business when we started fixing our own drones that may have come back damaged from a rental.

We do not cut corners, period. When we fix something, it is done the right way and no short cuts are taken. We only use brand new OEM DJI parts for repairs, and never use old parts from other scrapped drones. We have all the tools for the job and there is not problem that we have not seen or fixed, yet! Before any repair is started, we will go over everything that we have found and go over it with you. We will answer any questions you may have. If you ask us to "just do this or that" and it compromises the integrity and safety of the drone, we will not fix it.

US Drone Rental is a family owned and operated business and we treat each one of our customers as family. You will not find better customer service anywhere. When you call or email, you are talking to someone who is going to help you out any way possible because taking care of our customers is our livelihood. Customer service and attention to detail is what we pride ourselves on, and we hope to earn and continue to earn each customers business.


Fill out the from for repair and submit it to us.


Ship your drone to us with the paperwork we provide.


We repair the drone, getting it back to factory specs.


We ship the drone back to you after the repair is complete.