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Drone Rental: Why you should rent and how to get started

We’ve been shooting at eye-level for years, limited by what stands between us and our object. But the way we capture images is changing, and the world of potential opportunities suddenly exploded with the increasing accessibility of drone photography.

But with so many models and price ranges, it’s hard to know where even to start.

Drones rentals are an excellent way to become introduced with the technology and all the potential possibilities of these fun little flying machines. Below are the ins and outs of drone rental as well as the easy steps for getting started with U.S. Drone Rentals. Keep reading, and we’ll have you manning the skies in no time.

Why Drone Rentals Make Sense


1. You can try before you buy

Purchasing your first drone is a considerable investment. Some of the more basic models can cost you a few hundred dollars while more professional ones can cost upwards of $10,000, or more.

Drone rental is a safe, low-risk way to try out the technology as well as different models. You can get a feel for handling, as well as trying out the varying capabilities of different types of cameras.

Or perhaps you only need a drone for a short period of time, like a family holiday or wedding, and don’t want to make the investment of purchasing your own. Rentals are great for this too.

2. You can get personalized rentals

Whether renting for recreational or professional use, drone rentals can be tailored to your specific needs. Here are a few of our most popular uses:


Capturing that bird’s-eye view with a drone has brought both photography and filmmaking to new heights (quite literally).

Rent a drone to give your photography business an extra edge or use it to capture smooth rolling shots in your films. Drones offer unique vantage points to traditional filming, while high-quality cameras with video capability create professional-looking shots without compromising quality.

To push the boundaries with film and photography, consider the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Inspire 2 with X7, and DJI Inspire 2 with X5S rentals.

DJI Inspire 2 with X7

First Responders/Business

Drones are being increasingly used in a variety of professional and commercial settings.

Drones have become a phenomenal tool for first responders. They have been used by law enforcement to aid in the search for suspects, firefighters to help access scenes and guide critical decisions, as well as search and rescue teams to assist in finding missing persons.

They are also great for real-estate businesses. Drones allow for unique images of previously unavailable vantage points to help sell features of a home or property.

Drones have also been used to safely survey damages to a home after storms or extreme weather by assessing the roof, windows, or other external infrastructure without requiring the use of a ladder.

If you are looking for a professional drone rental for your business that helps you get closer to the action, consider these options: DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual and DJI Mavic 2 Zoom.

DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual


Perhaps you want epic shots of your next adventure as you hike through thick forests and scale mountain trails. While many drones can be a bit bulky and awkward to pack, we offer drones that are more compact in size, saving you the precious cargo space for your hiking gear and other necessities.

For drones that pack a punch with both quality and compactness, check out these drones: DJI Mavic Air and DJI Mavic Pro.

DJI Mavic Air


While there are undoubtedly amazing technological advancements with drone photography and cinematography, there are also times when all the excess bells and whistles are just simply not needed. You might just want a drone rental that is great for recreational use, offers easy handling, and doesn’t have a steep learning curve.

If this sounds like you, you’ll love the DJI Spark drone.

DJI Spark

3. Drone Rentals provide instant replacement

Drone rentals are also perfect for when you find yourself in a pinch. Perhaps you currently own a drone and it malfunctions when you’re in the middle of filming a video, or maybe yours has become damaged but still need to obtain images for your photography business while you are waiting for replacement parts.

With shipping to all 50 states, U.S. Drone Rental can get a replacement drone to you quickly, so you can carry on unencumbered with your work.

4. Great for the commitment-phobes

When technology is always rapidly changing, maybe you don’t want to purchase a drone knowing that an even better and more advanced model will arrive in the next year or so.

Perfect for staying on the forefront of the evolving technology, drone rentals allow you to consistently have access to the most cutting-edge advancements in the field. Why settle when you can always be experimenting with the latest and greatest, right?


How to Rent with U.S. Drone Rental

Ready to rent? The process couldn’t be easier.

  • Take the time to learn about all of our possible drone rentals . Prices range from $94 to $1154 (based on a 7-day rental period). The accessories included in the rental are also listed below the drone details.
  • After you’ve found the drone you would like to rent, simply add it to your cart and our website will then take you through the necessary steps.
  • Our rental period spans from 1 day up to 90 days and officially begins the day after you receive the drone. Reservations for rentals can also be made in advance.
  • When you’re ready to return the drone, simply re-package and apply the return label supplied to you and drop it off at your local FedEx store.
  • For our complete list of Q&As tap here.

Start now: pick out your drone here. Let’s get flying, shall we?